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TouchPoint Cards

Seamlessly Connected,
QR Empowered


Maximum Compatibility

TouchPoint cards are designed to be scanned on devices from iOS 10+ and Android devices. It’s a sure fire way of ensure contact information is efficiently exchanged.




TouchPoint cards are designed to work offline eliminating the frustrating experience of using online-based business cards in internet prone error.


Quick Access

TouchPoint cards can be quickly accessed via the Apple wallet or widget accessible from the home page with a swipe of a button! Look at the widget section to learn more.




Include contact cards, phone numbers, links, addresses, usernames for social media, notes. Create separate cards for domains and texting too! 

Join Our Beta

Join Our Beta

We're in the process of publishing the app. In the meantime, join our beta by typing your email below!

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  • How does it work?
    Touchpoint QR Embeds your information into a QR code for contacts.
  • How much does it cost?
    Free! There's a premium version you can pay more in order to add more information to your cards.
  • What information can you add?
    You can add either: A contact card that is readable by Android and iOS A link A command to text a predetermined number and message
  • Is this compatible with Android?
    The app is written only for iOS. However, the cards that are generated by can be scanned both by iOS and Android
  • How does it work offline?
    Most QR apps these days link you to a website online. This is a frustrating experience when you have limited internet connectivity, and makes it easy to loose someone's contact. Our QR cards have all the contact information you need built into the QR card. You don't need internet to show it, you don't need internet to scan it!
  • How do you showcase a card I made?
    You can add the card you created to: The apple wallet A widget on your iPhone
  • Why use a widget?
    The widget allows users to access their QR card even quicker + it has a bigger QR card surface for easier scanning.
  • How many cards can I create?
    You can create up to 2 for a free account, and 10 for a premium account!
  • Why would I need more than 1 card?
    Some top reason why our users create multiple cards: Different information they want to share with different groups of people: personal, business, fake phone numbers for people they don't wanna see again (we don't judge!) Different modes of action: a Linkedin Profile, an Instagram handle to your photography portfolio or link to your projects. A specific card that induces a text! Super actionable to follow up immidately after! Lots of creativity on how you share your information with others!
  • I need inspiration for cards
    Use the templates section!
  • How do I scan a card?
    Any iPhone since iOS 11 will have a QR code scanner built into the native camera app. Any Android since version 8 (Oreo) will have a QR scanner built into the native camera app. Simply open the camera app (or QR scanner) and point at the QR. The corresponding action should appear on your screen!
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